Jonatan Silva

Jonatan Silva yoga poseI began practicing yoga over ten years ago. I quickly fell in love with the feeling I had after completing a class, the sense of accomplishment, the stillness. It all felt amazing. At the time, I had a very busy and consuming career in finance, a lifestyle in which making money, working hard and having things were valued highest; yoga, then, was something I enjoyed doing when I found free time and was not my priority.


It wasn’t until many years later that my choices would come to show me what was truly important. I fell ill due to high levels of stress, which I’d accumulated in both my personal life and my banking career. I decided to make a change and include yoga as part of my everyday life, and I began a committed daily practice. Shortly afterwards I began noticing differences in myself, both physical and mental. My colleagues, family and friends also observed that I was more calm and relaxed, I no longer went through that state of panic at having to finish projects, meet deadlines, make sales goals, etc. Nothing external had changed either in my personal life or career, I simply saw and felt things differently. Even my doctor measured a dramatic improvement in my overall health. I knew then that yoga was the right path for me, and a life-long practice to pursue!


Yoga had given me the tools necessary to understand what was truly important in my life, and I was then compelled to pass on this gift to others. I completed two Teacher Training courses in the United States and began teaching family and friends, and gave free classes to anyone who was interested. I volunteered as much as I could, and the more I taught the better I felt and the easier life became. However, there was a problem. My successful banking career no longer felt right to me, since I was involved in a business where increasing financial gain for my clients and myself was the mark of a successful career, the goal always being MORE. Focusing on making money did not provide any deep or lasting happiness for myself or for the people I helped. A cliché perhaps, but money truly cannot buy happiness.


So after eighteen years in banking I decided to let go completely and trust in the yogic principles I now held dearly: giving and sharing, loving and living. The next decision came easily to me. I resigned from my job and travelled to India in order to further my yoga education. Soon after arriving in India and taking an additional 500 hours of yoga training I realized how my background banking had benefited me, beyond monetary numbers: the skills and knowlegde I built from the formal management training I received over the years, from presenting and teaching how to present complex ideas, from public speaking, from managing a team, and from teaching finance could all be implemented into my yoga teaching. All I had learnt and done in the past came together into a wonderful new objective. Under the supervision of my yoga masters I began teaching Teacher Training and workshops at a reputable school in Rishikesh, India.


My journey has taken me to many places, allowing me to teach, to share and to give all I love! It has not been easy, yet I am grateful for every message and experience from my travels that have helped lead me to the healing arts and to a deeper understanding of human anatomy and movement integration. I am happy to say that I am Yoga Alliance ERY200, 500 registered, a Bodyworker Certified Advanced Practitioner, a Certified Thai Massage Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Trainer, and a Reiki master.


My purpose is simple and my path is clear: to continue through life giving as much as I can and not holding back, to share all the knowledge I have gained for the enrichment of others. I have no restrictions or secrets! If I learned something that has proven valuable to me, I simply pass it along with the hope that it can aid others as it has me. Give and live with love!


Jonatan Silva
Yoga teacher ERYT 200, 500
Massage therapist, body and energy work

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