Dat Nguyen

Dat Nguyen in yoga poseYoga is the inner journey to the source of limitless freedom, love, and joy. We learn from each other and we share our experience gained along the way with each other to improve and to grow, to find peace as well as to discover our true self in this chaotic world.

When I first started Yoga, I was unable to do any of the poses that require strength, flexibility or balancing. I had a completely weak and zero body awareness. It took me a lot of time to understand my body. Through time, through dedicated practice, I started to learn myself and movements, then came up with my own way of moving; it also changed the way I think and live.

I want to share what I know as a stand of student that work for me when I was first learning which is still working on me now. My flows focus on strength and flexibility, bringing self-awareness in every movement. You don’t have to make it look fancy or fabulous. All you need is believing in yourself, being comfortable and confident every time you step on the mat. I believe that if I can learn and get stronger, so are you! It just takes time and is your commitment.


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