A night with street people

1avatarSaigon City, February 2014 – Wishing to bring the warmth and to share the joy with homeless people, Yoga SnS and friends spend a cold but excited night running around the city.



Lý Chí Huy – pupil at Hùng Vương high school needs your support

DSCN1170Saigon City, 22nd November 2013 – Through the recommendation from Mrs. Trương Thị Bích Thủy– deputy principal of Hùng Vương high school, Yoga Sculpt n Shape gets to know the poor pupil Lý Chí Huy and pays a visit to his home at 28/133 Văn Thân Street, District 6, Saigon.


Wheelchair for the old crippled lottery-ticket seller

cSaigon City, 04th July 2013 – Quite many times we have been asked which one was the most effective way to support disadvantaged people – offering them a ‘fish’ or giving them a ‘fishing-rod’ and telling them how to use it? Sometimes a fish can save a life from dieing of starving. But in the long term, we believe that it’s better to help them to find a ‘fish’ themselves.


Yoga SnS Charity Fund shares VND 5,000,000 with the orphanage at Cam Phong Pagoda

Chuacamphong001Tây Ninh Province, 17th October 2013  Cẩm Phong Pagoda is about 15 kilometres from Tây Ninh town. It is located by the National Road No. 22B & facing to the Eastern Vàm Cỏ River.


Yoga SnS gives donation to Phuc Quang pagoda in Hai Phong

aHai Phong City, 19th April 2013 - Via recommendation of Yoga SnS member, we have made a trip to HaiPhong city in April 2013 and visited Phuc Quang pagoda. Located quite out of the city, the Phuc Quang pagoga is a very old & small pagoda with poor facilities. As some parts of the brick roof are broken & the wall of the hall is about to fall, the pagoda is urgently needed to be rebuilt.


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