Tet Binh Than 2016 Lunar New Year


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Saigon City, February 2016 – Tet, like Christmas celebration in Western countries, is the time for family union, the time for coming home after a year of being away for life earning & struggling… However, there are still many people who are not able to have a warm Tet celebration with their beloved families. The ticket going home seems to be so luxurious & far away from them.












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Yoga Sculpt n Shape (Yoga SnS) and friends are keen on sharing the luck & warmth with these disadvantaged persons. As usual, just the night before the New Year’s Eve, we prepare the lucky money & gifts for street people.













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This year, Yoga SnS also connects and supports the charity activities of other social groups. We would love to share with you these activities.



















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1.    The Phap Tanh Pagoda in Long An province is the dwell of 25 orphan children including 7 orphan babies. To bring up these children, they are always in enormous needs of milk, diapers, clothes, meals… And to earn the money, on this Tet occasion, the Buddhist nuns are making tamarind jam for sales. By purchasing the tamarind jam (75,000.- VND per 500 grs), we have shared the financial burden & difficulties with the nuns.















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You can also directly contact The Phap Tanh Pagoda for your contribution:
The nun Tac Bao at 090 935 2003
Phap Tanh Pagoda – National Road No.50, Tan Kim, Can Giuoc Town, Long An Province, Vietnam


















Binh Than 6


2.    Nguoi toi cuu mang (For the One I Support) is the social group whose mission is to support disadvantaged people. To raise the fund for their activities, they have designed the red envelops nicely with three different colours:
Green with peaceful house for Peace
Red with strong heart for Health
Yellow with peach blossom for Prosperity


























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These are also our best wishes to you on the Lunar New Year celebration.




















Binh Than 8

A set of three costs you only 89,000.- VND and all this money contributes to the Nguoi Toi Cuu Mang’s funds for unlucky people so that they can have a warm and happy Tet.




































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Once again, Yoga SnS would like to sincerely thank you for all your contribution and kindness!




Tet in Saigon, 2016