Night out on Ash Wednesday

tet 2015-1Saigon City, February 2015 – It is Ash Wednesday today. It seems that quite many people realize the charity groups will give donation on New Year’s Eve. Thus they just sit on the streets and wait for some gifts. To help people really in need, we decide to have a sleepless night running around town after the New Year holidays are over.












tet 2015-2






We are happy that our red envelopes & gifts are going to people who are truly in need of them. At the same time, we are unhappy that there are still many people who do not have a place called home, a place to lay down, a humble meal to survive…













tet 2015-3





Again, thanks Yoga SnS friends for sharing your love & bringing warmth to unprivileged people!


Tet in Saigon, 2015