Lý Chí Huy – pupil at Hùng Vương high school needs your support

Saigon City, 22nd November 2013 – Through the recommendation from Mrs. Trương Thị Bích Thủy   deputy principal of Hùng Vương high school, Yoga Sculpt n Shape gets to know the poor pupil Lý Chí Huy and pays a visit to his home at 28/133 Văn Thân Street, District 6, Saigon.


This is really a tiny house which has enough space for only one single bed. Huy lives with his grandfather & sister. His mother works as a servant to support whole family and more importantly to earn money to pay for treatment of Huy’s disease. He was found to get marrow failure disease. The operation will cost him from 5,000 – 10,000 USD. Earning a daily meal is really difficult for his family. They now can’t afford the payment for his operation. He really & truly needs your helping hands because despite of all these difficulties, Huy does want to go to school and keeps on his study.


With support from Mrs. Minh Tuyết & Mrs. Như Mai, together with Yoga SnS Charity Fund, we have shared with Huy the amount of VND 11,200,000.


We wish that his dreams will come true and he can fully recover his health so that he can keep on his study. We pray for him.


Yoga Sculpt n Shape