Wheelchair for the old crippled lottery-ticket seller

Saigon City, 04th July 2013 – Quite many times we have been asked which one was the most effective way to support disadvantaged people – offering them a ‘fish’ or giving them a ‘fishing-rod’ and telling them how to use it? Sometimes a fish can save a life from dieing of starving. But in the long term, we believe that it’s better to help them to find a ‘fish’ themselves.




Thanks to the letter from Ms. Bao Tran – a yogi member of Yoga SnS, we get to know Mr. Tran Sy. His hometown is in Hoai An hamlet, Binh Dinh province. 8 years ago, from a road accident, he became crippled by his left leg. He has to use crutches since then. Unable to earn a living in his hometown, he had to exile to Saigon lefting behind the 80 year-old mother and the 26 year-old son with mental disease.




In Saigon, he lives with other lottery-ticket sellers at the lottery shop. The shop owner give them dweller for free and they sell the lottery tickets for her in return. He can only sit and sell the tickets in one place at the crossroads in Dong Thanh hamlet, Hoc Mon ward, Saigon. That’s why he can only sell more or less 100 tickets a day.





To help him sell more tickets to support himself and thus his family in hometown, we decided to present him the wheelchair. We believe that now he can ‘walk’ far with his wheelchair and earn more money from lottery ticket selling.




We would also like to share our happiness with you who have contributed to the Yoga SnS charity fund and look forward to having more emails, recommendations from you.


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