Thú tập yoga ở bạn gái trẻ

6Trẻ, khoẻ, đẹp là những lí do khiến ngày một nhiều bạn gái trẻ tìm đến Yoga. Để hiểu hơn về trào lưu tập Yoga của các bạn trẻ hiện nay, bạn hãy cùng Thế Giới Văn Hoá Online lắng nghe chia sẻ từ những người trong cuộc nhé!


8 Habits of Happy People

8 habitsDo you ever wonder about the habits of happy people? We all know people that seem so full of joy. These people may make you wonder what exactly they are doing that makes them so freaking happy all the time? I bet you anything, these types of people have a few habits that help keep their spirits lifted, even if they don’t realize it. If you want to be one of those people that exudes happiness, check out these 8 habits of happy people.



What Is Enlightenment?

what is enlightenment?by Katie Manitsas

Being happy and contributing

"Yoga is the unlinking of the link with pain" -  (Bhagavad Gita - chapter 6 verse 23)

 "Yoga is when we want for nothing" - Brahmananada Saraswati

I think there's a lot of terminology around yoga practice that's really not that helpful because people don't resonate with it. If we talk about 'God Realization' it doesn't mean that much to most people in our culture. Most of us don't wake up in the morning feeling excited about 'God Realization'. Enlightenment is a similar term. We can say the goal of yoga practice is enlightenment and yes on some levels it is but it's very difficult to get passionate about that. It doesn’t really feel like a practical application to me.